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A world leader in relocation technology, auditing, and consulting, Parsifal Corporation offers premium services to corporate clients in fields such as telecommunications, transportation, finance, energy, retail, and other sectors, as well as government agencies. The company’s web-based tools collect such data as transit times, rates, and carrier-service history globally, allowing move managers on six continents to obtain the best pricing and services. To assure corporate clients receive accurate bills from carriers of household goods, Parsifal Corporation initiated a pilot project to integrate its services into the billing process before a carrier/agent creates an invoice. With the carrier/agent, Parsifal develops and generates an accurate invoice, saving auditing time later and building customer confidence in the process.

As a consultant, 
Parsifal Corporation aids in contract negotiation, the benchmarking of carrier costs and services, and the analysis of traffic patterns and industry trends. Every Parsifal client receives scheduled consultation time annually at no additional cost, as well as the firm’s advanced data-analysis capabilities. With a history of global success dating back to 1981, Parsifal conducts business by the highest standards. Both its technology partner, Peredur Systems, and Parsifal Corporation maintain entire departments focused solely on quality assurance.

Recognized worldwide for its auditing prowess, Parsifal Corporation also acts as a back-office partner, providing a number of industry services such as tax breakdowns, contract management, client billing, carrier-commission calculations, and the modernization of relocation systems. The company markets sophisticated relocation software utilized internationally by corporations to collect and report rates, track service quality, and transmit electronic data interchange (EDI) invoices. 
Parsifal Corporation’s Acadia Move Management System garnered praise from one of the world’s largest commercial shippers of household goods for reducing international relocation costs by 30 percent.

Parsifal Corporation has received numerous other compliments from satisfied clients. “Parsifal has a can-do attitude, great customer relationships, knowledge of the requirement, and an unsurpassed level of integrity,” said a spokesman for the U.S. Department of the Army. Parsifal Corporation remains current on industry developments and shares such information on its website,

Parsifal Corporation
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